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Slow Cooker

Make some magic with the help of your slow cooker and these great recipe ideas.

Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas

In a busy household, a great dinner recipe prepared with minimal effort is worth its weight in gold. Take a look at our extensive collection of slow cooker ideas to find the perfect supper for your family.

View Slow Cooker Dinner Ideas 

Slow Cooker Chicken Perfection

Don’t be surprised if you discover a new favorite chicken recipe in this collection of slow cooked dishes. Simplicity + deliciousness = recipes you’ll come back to again and again!

View Slow Cooker Chicken Perfection 

Slow Cooker Crowd Favorites

These recipes are perfect when you're feeding a crowd. Make it easy with the help of your slow cooker and these great recipes.

View Slow Cooker Crowd Favorites  

Slow Cooker Pork Pleasers

Pulled pork is a natural choice for the slow cooker but don’t hesitate to try the other pork recipes in this delicious collection.

View Slow Cooker Pork Pleasers 

Slow Cooker Beef Excellence

From pot roast to brisket, beef’s rich, deep flavor shines in the slow cooker. Try any of these satisfying recipes and prepare to be wowed.

View Slow Cooker Beef Excellence 

Slow Cooker Turkey Time

Turkey in the slow cooker? Absolutely! Step aside chicken, there’s a new bird in town, and it’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore!

View Slow Cooker Turkey Time 

Slow Cooker Sweets

Desserts aren’t usually the first thing people get their slow cooker out for. But it’s a slick way to enjoy scrumptious slow-cooked sweets.

View Slow Cooker Sweets 

Slow Cooker Soup, Chili & Chowder Recipes

The collection gives you loads of reasons to ladle up the goodness that comes from a bowl of piping hot soups, chilies or chowders from your slow cooker. Delightful for lunch, dinner or whenever there’s a chill in the air.

View Slow Cooker Soup, Chili & Chowder Recipes 

Slow Cooker Stews & Pot Roasts

Few meals offer as much in the way of comfort as a hearty stew or perfectly tender pot roast. If you’re craving comfort, look no further than this collection of savory stews and pot roasts!

View Slow Cooker Stews & Pot Roasts