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Featured Recipes


4 New Ways with Ramen

Looking for creative and delicious ways to use your (ramen) noodle? Put these four ideas on your to-do list this week!

View 4 New Ways with Ramen 

5 Ideas for Hard Cooked Eggs

No need to go on a recipe hunt after the egg hunt! Here are five fantastic recipes for all those Easter eggs!

View 5 Ideas for Hard Cooked Eggs 

One Soup Can... Endless Summer Possibilities!

This pantry staple can be used in so many different ways. Here are some fresh ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

View One Soup Can... Endless Summer Possibilities! 

5 Ingredients or Less!

It’s hard to believe that so much flavor can come from just a handful of ingredients, but it is possible—and easy! Get dinner on the table in no time with these cool ideas!

View 5 Ingredients or Less! 

5-Star Chicken Casseroles

We're moving into the busy holiday season. Here are five make-ahead casseroles to make your week easier.

View 5-Star Chicken Casseroles 

5-Star Family Favorites

All of your kids (young & old!) will love these simple family suppers.

View 5-Star Family Favorites 

5-Star Favorites for Tomato Soup

Looking for more recipe to use tomato soup? Try these 8 ways to create 5-star favorites that are M'm! M'm! Good!

View 5-Star Favorites for Tomato Soup 

Tasty Tomato Ideas
Go Red!

Go red with these fabulously saucy tomato recipes!

View Tasty Tomato Ideas
Go Red!  

5-Star Family Favorites

Gather around the dinner table and enjoy a good home cooked meal. These dinners will leave your family begging for seconds—they’re rated five stars for a reason!

View 5-Star Family Favorites 

6 Weeks to Summer

Get inspired to make cleaver food choices. Try these delicious low-calorie recipes, and be ready to enjoy summer!

View 6 Weeks to Summer 

Seven Ingredient Souper Suppers

With a can of soup and six (or fewer!) ingredients, these dinners are on the table faster than the kids can ask, “What’s for dinner?”

View Seven Ingredient Souper Suppers 

8 Great-Tasting Turkey Alternatives

After perusing this collection of appealing (and easy!) main courses, you may never look back to the turkey!

View 8 Great-Tasting Turkey Alternatives 

8 Ideas for Black Beans

In a dinner dilemma? A can or two of black beans in the pantry gives you all kinds of options. Here are eight favorites.

View 8 Ideas for Black Beans 

8 Ideas for Butternut Squash

Give sweet, hearty butternut squash the stage tonight! Discover the goodness of this winter wonder with these great ideas!

View 8 Ideas for Butternut Squash 

8 Ideas for Carrots

Pretty, green-topped carrots are popping up in markets again. Pick up a bunch and use them in any of these great recipes.

View 8 Ideas for Carrots 

8 Ideas for Cauliflower

Even kids will get on board the vegetable train when they try these tasty cauliflower ideas.

View 8 Ideas for Cauliflower 

8 Ideas for Cooking with Wine

Whether it’s a nice night at home or dinner to celebrate, a splash of wine gives these meals their fantastic flavor.

View 8 Ideas for Cooking with Wine  

8 Ideas for Corn!

Fresh sweet corn is in season now! Substituting fresh corn for frozen in these recipes is an easy swap with great–tasting rewards!

View 8 Ideas for Corn! 

8 Ideas for Chicken Curry

With its distinct flavor, curry and chicken are a match made in heaven. Try these delicious recipes this week.

View 8 Ideas for Chicken Curry 

8 Ideas for Crab

Delicate and delicious, crab has a lot going for it. It’s excellent for entertaining or for a special dinner at home.

View 8 Ideas for Crab 

8 Ideas for Egg Noodles

Gather around the dinner table and enjoy a good home cooked meal. These dinners will leave your family begging for seconds—they’re rated five stars for a reason!

View 8 Ideas for Egg Noodles  

8 Ideas for Fresh Fish

Surprise your friends and family with a delicious fish dish. Quick to cook and a fresh dinner choice now that spring has sprung!

View 8 Ideas for Fresh Fish  

8 Ideas for Great Grilled Chicken

Chicken is one of the most popular things to put on the grill at dinnertime. If you’re looking to take grilled chicken up a notch, we’ve got you covered.

View 8 Ideas for Great Grilled Chicken  

8 Ideas for Grilled Pork

There’s so much more to pork than bacon. These outstanding recipes prove how good chops, brats, ribs and more really are.

View 8 Ideas for Grilled Pork  

8 Ideas for Ground Beef

Ground beef can be a quick dinnertime solution! With plenty of options and flavor combinations available, it’s sure to please even the pickiest eaters!

View 8 Ideas for Ground Beef  

8 Ideas for Ground Turkey

What until you taste the wonders this lean meat can work on dinner! Try any of these tasty turkey recipes and prepare to be amazed!

View 8 Ideas for Ground Turkey  

8 Ideas for Hummus

Never tried hummus? These ideas are going to make you a fan! Whether you’re whipping up a batch or purchasing some for a recipe, this collection is full of great ways to use it.

View 8 Ideas for Hummus 

8 Ideas for Lasagna

Layers of goodness make these lasagnas worthy of a special occasion. Try one of these flavor-packed pasta bakes this month!

View 8 Ideas for Lasagna 

8 Ideas for Meatless Pasta

Looking for some new pasta ideas to add to your dinner menu? Look no further, here are eight delicious and creative ways to use those noodles!

View 8 Ideas for Meatless Pasta 

8 Ideas for Pepperoni

Kids flip for pepperoni pizza—why not try it in other recipes? These ideas are sure to be family favorites in no time!

View 8 Ideas for Pepperoni 

8 Ideas for Pork Tenderloin

Put pork tenderloin on your grocery list this week and make it a point to try one of these great ideas. These recipes are all good reasons we’re big on the pig!

View 8 Ideas for Pork Tenderloin  

8 Ideas for Ribs

Summertime is prime time for finger-lickin’ ribs. Whether they’re for a barbecue or potluck, you’ll never go wrong when good ribs are on the menu. Just be sure to have plenty of napkins ready!

View 8 Ideas for Ribs  

8 Ideas for Sub Sandwiches

Why stop for a fast food sandwich when you can make your own tasty version at home? These eight ideas will keep everyone satisfied well beyond the last bite.

View 8 Ideas for Sub Sandwiches  

8 Ideas for Shrimp

Shrimp is perfect for warmer weather because it tastes good hot or cold! Try these delights all season long.

View 8 Ideas for Shrimp 

8 Ideas for the Grill!

It’s that time of year again! Break out the grill and fire up these bold grilling greats.

View 8 Ideas for the Grill!  

8 Ideas for Tortilla Chips

Have a few near-empty bags of chips on hand from all the party food? Add a little crunch to dinner this week with these recipes. Tortilla chips aren’t just for salsa anymore!

View 8 Ideas for Tortilla Chips 

8 Ideas for Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup is perfect for an autumn evening or lunch on a chilly afternoon. Ladle up some spicy soup comfort this week.

View 8 Ideas for Tortilla Soup 

8 Ideas for Wild Rice

Nutty and sweet, wild rice is a unique ingredient that puts a delicious spin on dinner. From slow cooked to casseroles and sides, these recipes make a flavorful statement.

View 8 Ideas for Wild Rice 

8 Reasons to Love Cauliflower

Have you tried Cauliflower? This vegetable is rising in popularity, and it's no wonder—with recipes this good cauliflower may become a star on your dinner table too.

View 8 Reasons to Love Cauliflower 

8 Unbeatable Breakfast Ideas

Touted as the most important meal of the day, you’ll want to make sure you make time for these fantastic morning masterpieces!

View 8 Unbeatable Breakfast Ideas 

10 Flavorful Ideas

Variety is what this collection is all about. Try any of these dynamic dishes & be wowed!

View 10 Flavorful Ideas 

10 Flavorful Recipe Ideas

Try one of these 10 delicious recipes featuring Swanson® Flavor Boost® Concentrated broth.

View 10 Flavorful Recipe Ideas 

25-Minute Chicken Skillets!

Have dinner on the table in 25 minutes or less with these speedy chicken dinner options!

View 25-Minute Chicken Skillets! 

25-Minutes Skillet Dinner Success

Have dinner on the table in 25 minutes or less with these delicious and speedy dinner options!

View 25-Minutes Skillet Dinner Success 

30-Minute Meal Mastery

Ready. Set. Cook! These entrées get dinner done in 30 minutes or less! Now that’s a meal plan worth lots of family praise!

View 30-Minute Meal Mastery 

30 Minute Success

If you have half an hour, you can have dinner on the table. These recipes make supper a snap!

View 30 Minute Success 

A Great Side Show

Looking for a winning side dish? Your search stops here! Prepare to be impressed with any of these recipes!

View A Great Side Show 

A Meat & Potatoes Kind of Day

Sometimes all you want is an easy, hearty meal that will satisfy your hungry family. Here you’ll find eight recipes that are up to that challenge.

View A Meat & Potatoes Kind of Day 

A Twist on Tacos

There’s no reason tacos have to come in a hard or soft shell. These taco-inspired dishes are delicious takes on the tried and true favorite.

View A Twist on Tacos 

Alfredo Aficionado

Cheesy and saucy worlds collide in this collection of suppertime meal ideas perfect for even the pickiest eaters!

View Alfredo Aficionado 

All About Alfredo

Really great creamy Alfredo sauce is hard to pass up. These pastas are loaded with flavor the whole family will love.

View All About Alfredo 

All Scream for Ice Cream!

Ice cream is our go-to of choice in the hottest days of summer! Chill out and cool down those taste buds with these icy sweet treats.

View All Scream for Ice Cream! 

All Things Alfredo

Smooth, creamy and rich—Alfredo has it all! Try these new twists using this classic sauce as a base.

View All Things Alfredo 

All Things Almond

This nut lends itself to both sweet and savory dishes! Enjoy these recipes at dinner, for dessert or anytime you’re in the mood for delicious!

View All Things Almond 

All Things Asparagus

Fresh asparagus is sprouting up everywhere! It’s one of the first vegetables to pop up early in spring. Pick up a bunch today!

View All Things Asparagus 

All things Avocado

There’s a reason this superfood ranks high! It’s delicious, full of antioxidants and available anytime.

View All things Avocado 

All Things Cinnamon and Pumpkin

Cinnamon and pumpkin will make your house smell heavenly with these classic autumn fragrances filling the air! FAll (and most definitely Thanksgiving!) are upon us!

View All Things Cinnamon and Pumpkin 

All Things Coconut

Going beyond the sweetened flaky goodness that is coconut, these recipes also feature coconut milk, coconut ice cream and cream of coconut. Try any of these unique recipes tonight!

View All Things Coconut 

All Things Crab

Crab is perfect for dips and appetizers! Given all the entertaining that takes place from December through New Year's it's good to have a few tried and true recipes in your back pocket. Look no further, these eight crab recipes will please and impress!

View All Things Crab 

All Things Curry

If you’ve never had curry before, you’re in for a treat! A staple of Indian cuisine, curry’s delicious flavor and aroma will perk up any lunch or dinner menu.

View All Things Curry 

All Things Ginger

Spicy-sweet ginger is the common thread that gives these dishes distinct zip & zag.

View All Things Ginger 

All Things Green Bean

You simply can't have Thanksgiving without Green Bean Casserole, our tried & true classic recipe for the most famous side dish ever! Here are plenty of variations to please your family's taste.

View All Things Green Bean 

All Things Honey

Honey isn’t just for sweetening tea; it can be used in so many different ways. Find out what the buzz is all about with these yummy ideas!

View All Things Honey 

All Things Nutty

Are you crazy for nuts? From almonds to walnuts and everything in between, nuts take these recipes to another level!

View All Things Nutty 

All Things Peachy

Fresh or canned, peaches are a favorite summertime flavor. Make the most of one of summer’s great fruits with these peach-packed recipes.

View All Things Peachy 

All Things Stroganoff

Nothing says winter food more than creamy & hearty stroganoff. Try one of these top picks!

View All Things Stroganoff 

All Things Sweet & Sticky

These recipes are sweetness at its best! Try any of these decadent desserts to satisfy that sweet tooth.

View All Things Sweet & Sticky 

All Wrapped Up

Christmas presents aren’t the only things getting wrapped this time of year. Try these savory bundled bites at a holiday party this month!

View All Wrapped Up 

An Apple a Day!

Does anything say fall more than apples? This versatile fruit is perfect in both sweet and savory dishes. Try any of these recipes all season long.

View An Apple a Day! 

At Home Chinese "Takeout"

Step away from the takeout menu! Make a spectacular Chinese dinner with these great ideas. The only thing missing? Those white cardboard takeout pails and fortune cookies!

View At Home Chinese "Takeout" 

Autumnal Splendor

Fall officially arrives on Thursday. Print these recipes off and be prepared for the seasonal harvest to come.

View Autumnal Splendor 

Avocado + Salad = Delish

In-season, perfectly ripe avocado gives these salads silky texture. Go beyond guacamole with these unique recipes.

View Avocado + Salad = Delish 

Back-to-School Soup Special

One thermos + one dynamite recipe = all you need to create a lunch your kids will clamor for. Go beyond PB&J with these warm and wonderful ideas.

View Back-to-School Soup Special 

Bacon Bliss

In this collection, bacon’s smoky flavor makes its mark on everything from appetizers to entrées. Try one of these eight greats this week!

View Bacon Bliss 

Bag of Groceries

Dinner's in the bag with this menu & grocery list, leading the way to a perfectly planned week!

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Banish any dinner dilemmas & make life easy with our recipe ideas & shopping list.

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Day-to-day schedules never seem to slow down. Here is a menu and grocery list to make sure this week runs a little smoother.

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Everyone could use an extra hand in the kitchen. Here you’ll find a complete menu for the week that comes with a grocery list to boot!

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Fill your plate with meals that will make you feel as good as they taste. All of these dinner options are 500 calories or less! And don’t forget to print the menu and grocery list before you head to the market.

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Dinner doesn’t get much easier than this! This supper plan even comes complete with agrocery list to print before heading the supermarket.

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Give yourself the gift of having dinner planned for the week with this wonderful menu and a printable grocery list! Pictured here: Mediterranean Bean and Sausage Soup > /recipedetails?recipeid=61363"> Creamy Burger Bake >

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Here’s a full week of recipes with a couple of seafood options, perfect for Lent! Plan the week ahead, complete with a grocery list.

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

In a dinner dilemma? Don’t worry! We’ve got it planned for the week and even have a grocery list! Pictured here: Onion-Crusted Meatloaf with Roasted Potatoes >

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

All these dinner options are 500 calories or less! Fill your dinner plate with meals that will make you feel as good as they taste. And don’t forget to print the menu and grocery list before you head to the market.

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

With just one trip to the store you’ll be set for a whole week of superb meal ideas. And don’t forget to print this handy grocery list!

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

With summer here, working salads and fresh vegetables into dinner menus is so easy. Try these ideas, complete with a grocery list. Pictured here: Grilled Chicken Salad

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

There’s something for everyone in this menu for the week—pizza, sandwiches, casseroles. Don’t forget to print the grocery list before you head to the store.

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

There’s a little bit of everything in this bag—meatless and seafood options, St. Patrick’s day ideas and even a few slow cooker recipes! Don’t forget to print the grocery list. Pictured here: Creamy Vodka Bow Ties with Mushrooms

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Make your week easier with this 5-day meal plan that comes complete with a grocery list!

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

Between school activities, work commitments and day-to-day tasks, it’s nice to know dinner is planned for the week—complete with a menu and grocery list Pictured here: Shortcut Ravioli Lasagna

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

The whole family is going to love dinners this week! Give them five delicious dinners to look forward to at the end of a long day. Be sure to print this grocery list before you head to the store! Pictured here: Creamy Burger Bake >

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

No need to plan dinners this week, it’s been done for you! Here you’ll find a complete menu and grocery list. Pictured here: Chicken Balsamico

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

A week’s worth of dinner planning just got easier with these fantastic ideas that come complete with a grocery list!

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

With a little planning (done for you already!) menu ideas make the week go much more smoothly. And to top it off, we have a complete grocery list! What could be better? Pictured here: Easy Asian-Style Chicken & Rice

View Bag of Groceries 

Bag of Groceries

With busy school schedules in full swing, a list of dinner options complete with a grocery list is just what busy families are looking for. Enjoy these great ideas this week!

View Bag of Groceries 

Baking Merriment

The scent of holiday goodies filling the house means one thing: Christmas is just around the corner! We have plenty of recipes and ideas to fill all your care packages!

View Baking Merriment 

Basketball Bites

Have the best eats on block (and the court!) with these great tasting bites. They’re sure to satisfy until the final buzzer!

View Basketball Bites 

Beach Snack Pack

Take these totally tote-able snacks to the beach or pool. They’re goodness on the go—complete with a refreshing view!

View Beach Snack Pack 

Beef on a Budget? Yes!

These pocketbook-friendly recipes place beef in the spotlight! Taste how great saving a little green can be with this collection of meal ideas.

View Beef on a Budget? Yes! 

Beef Sandwich Bliss

Make a simply outstanding steak sandwich for your next tailgating bash! These ideas are all so delicious you’ll be tempted to make them for lunch and dinner!

View Beef Sandwich Bliss 

Beef Up the Grill

Everyone will want to taste these beefy, flame-kissed creations this Fourth of July! From skewers to burgers and steaks, there’s something here for everyone!

View Beef Up the Grill 

Beefed-Up Skillets

These skillet beef ideas will have your family smiling and you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief for find eight super easy recipes to prepare!

View Beefed-Up Skillets 

Best Burgers

There’s nothing better than a big juicy burger. Take the classic American sandwich to a new level with these twists on the legendary patty.

View Best Burgers 

Best Burgers for a Gathering

If you’re hosting a gathering, be sure to include some delicious burgers!

View Best Burgers for a Gathering 

Best of the Best Thanksgiving Sides

These side dishes are our kitchen favorites and deemed the Best of the Best! We hope your family enjoys them this Thanksgiving too.

View Best of the Best Thanksgiving Sides 

Best-Ever Beef on a Budget Recipes

Looking to cut costs after the holiday spending? Start with these great dinner ideas that all come in under $10 per recipe!

View Best-Ever Beef on a Budget Recipes 

Best-Ever Enchiladas

Cheesy, bubbly and seasoned to perfection, these enchiladas will have your family begging for more!

View Best-Ever Enchiladas 

Best of the Best Holiday Sides

These side dishes are our kitchen favorites and deemed the Best of the Best! We hope your family enjoys them this Thanksgiving too.

View Best of the Best Holiday Sides 

Best of Bean Salads

Humble beans can transform an ordinary side dish into something really great. Trade up your normal go-to side dish for one of these greats.

View Best of Bean Salads 

Best Stuffed Peppers Ever!

Delicious dinner “bells” are ringing in this collection of fun and innovative ways to use this summer crop!

View Best Stuffed Peppers Ever! 

Better Fast Food Today!

Why wait in a drive-thru line when you can make fresh "fast food" at home? Fewer calories and better flavor to boot! Bring it!

View Better Fast Food Today! 

Better with Basil

A sprinkle of fresh basil can transform almost any dish into something fresh, bright and spectacular. Taste basil’s spicy-sweet goodness for yourself with these unique recipes.

View Better with Basil 

Beyond Basic Beans

Canned beans are a must-have item in a well-stocked pantry. Versatile, inexpensive and high in fiber and protein, they put a new spin on supper.

View Beyond Basic Beans 

Beyond Basic PB&J & More!

With school ramping up again, it’s high time to revamp for the brown bag lunch. Pack a lunch that all the kids will clamor for!

View Beyond Basic PB&J & More! 

Beyond the Bowl: Chili Creations

We love chili as a hearty soup, but these unique ideas go way beyond the bowl and take chili to whole new levels of goodness!

View Beyond the Bowl: Chili Creations 

Beyond the Bun: Pulled Pork

Pulled pork sandwiches are so good but there’s more to this versatile dish than the classic sandwich. These alternatives showcase the deliciousness of smoky pork—but with a twist!

View Beyond the Bun: Pulled Pork 

Big Time Shrimp

The delicate, fresh flavor of shrimp is a perfect way to shake up your lunch or dinner routine. Give these big-flavored options a whirl this week.

View Big Time Shrimp 

Big Time Burger Bliss

Whether you’re firing up the grill or just craving a skillet burger on a rainy day, these big burgers are simply outstanding! Find your favorite this week!

View Big Time Burger Bliss 

Black History Month

Take time to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and achievements with these flavorful inspired dishes

View Black History Month 

Bloody Mary's

Behold! Bloody Mary’s Book of Bloody Marys! Here lies Mary’s coveted collection of cocktail recipes. Mary consulted her court of bartenders, mixologists, and connoisseurs from around the country to ensure that only the most brilliant Bloodies grace the pages of her book.

View Bloody Mary's 

Break for Breakfast

Forget the fast food drive-thru! Instead, get the day off to a good start with one of these satisfying meals instead. Rise and shine, breakfast is served!

View Break for Breakfast 

Breakfast Bakes 101

These breakfast ideas are perfect for rushed mornings. Assemble the night before, bake first thing in the morning and presto! Hot breakfast is served!

View Breakfast Bakes 101 

Breakfast Meets Lunch

Be inspired by these brunch ideas—they’ll have you looking for reasons to host a soiree at your house before the holidays are over!

View Breakfast Meets Lunch 

Breakfast on the Go

Rise, shine and dine! With these terrific hand-held breakfast solutions, no one has to miss the first meal of the day!

View Breakfast on the Go 

Breakfast on the Go!

Get out the door well-fueled and ready to start the day with these terrific breakfast ideas.

View Breakfast on the Go! 


Start the day off right with simple, satisfying breakfast classics.

View Breakfast 

Brown Rice Bonanza

Add a hearty and flavorful boost to dinner by substituting traditional white rice for brown rice—it’s a pantry staple you won’t want to be without.

View Brown Rice Bonanza 

Brunch Potluck Pleasers

Easter is the perfect time to host a brunch potluck. Here are eight ideas to make sure your gathering is sunny side up!

View Brunch Potluck Pleasers 

Budget Busters: Appetizers

Everyone looks forward to those little-bites before the big meal. These appetizers are sure to "wow" your guests without breaking the bank!

View Budget Busters: Appetizers 

Budget Busters

These Mexican favorites are just the ticket when keeping pennies in check.

View Budget Busters 

Budget Busters

Penny-pinching never tasted so good! These are great on the pocketbook & the taste buds!