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Carving a Turkey

Show off that gorgeous turkey, then carve it up and enjoy.

While a perfectly roasted turkey is truly a thing of beauty, carving is best undertaken in the kitchen. Show off your gorgeous bird before dinner, but once it has made its public appearance, return it to the kitchen where carving is an easier task and the slices end up on an easy-to-pass platter.

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Step 1
Cut the legs and thighs away from the body by slicing through the skin, then cut to the joint where the thigh attaches to the body.

Step 2
Now bend the thigh back and pop it out of its socket, then cut through any remaining skin and meat still attached to the body.

Step 3
Find and cut through the leg-thigh joint, then slice down either side of the thigh bone and remove it. Next, slice the boneless thigh meat. Leave the drumsticks whole or remove the meat with your fingers.

Step 4
For the breast meat, make a deep cut just above the wing along the bottom of the breast. Now cut down one side of the breast bone towards the wing cut. The breast will start to pull away from the body. Trim it free and repeat on other side.

Step 5
With both breast halves removed, cut against the grain into ½-inch-thick slices. Arrange both the white and dark meat on a platter.

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Tools to Use
To carve, you’ll need a sharp knife (such as a utility or chef’s knife), a grooved cutting board to catch any lingering juices and a carving fork or good pair of tongs.

Give it a Rest
Allow the roasted turkey to get plenty of rest before carving—at least 30 minutes. This way the bird's flavorful juices redistribute back into the cooked meat.

Secure the Cutting Board
Place a damp towel under the cutting board to anchor the board to the countertop and prevent it from sliding around while carving.
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